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 Here we will be sailing. (Discussion Thread)

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PostSubject: Here we will be sailing. (Discussion Thread)   Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:56 pm

So you landlubbers!
This here thread will be the open discussion thread for the Phileason Saga.

Asleif Fogwulf Phileason the well known Otta Captain of the Thorwals, a mighty Viking like race in the land of Aventiuria had a fight with his long rival Bjorn the Merciless. To ensure the Peace within the Thorwal lands , the Hetwoman (the Queen/Leader equivalent)
proposed a Race between the two. After the preperations are set, a messenger of the clergy appears and states that the gods sent a Vision to be the judges of the competition.

With this Premise of a legendary Adventure Campaign in the DSA Setting, there is only FUN to be had.
In most of my campaigns in this setting, the story and Roleplay always dances the line between serious roleplaying and Fantasy comedy. So this campaign will be very light hearted, despite the quiet dark scenery we┬┤ll encounter.

In DSA the Characters are called "Heros" are very different from most other RPG "Classes" in that most "Classes" are normal jobs.
Frankly spoken the Trader on the road, a Cook/miller/Blacksmith that got into the grip of the Wanderlust and the occasional "Warrior" which is an a Knight equivalent, or a Magician of one of the MAgic Akademies can be found in a group.

In fact I want you to come up with mostly normal people, out of whatever jobs you can come up with. (I will post some ideas later. : p)
Every such created char will be playable even in combat situations. No char begins really in a full powered way, even Soldiers/Guards and such Classes do not really have much Higher skills from the start. ^^

..but if you're vomiting or evacuating rainbows, have trouble breathing, or feeling the urge to cuddle with the nearest creature available,
then you should consult your local moelogist..
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Here we will be sailing. (Discussion Thread)
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