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 Meet the Runners - Characters

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Menace from the Sky
Menace from the Sky

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PostSubject: Meet the Runners - Characters   Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:45 pm

Even though I´m not exactly the GM of this, I still already post some chars, because I have them handy. ^^
(now she needs only a few finishing touches...)

Name: Thea Flat

Streetname: Witch

Age: 23 /Height: 1,64 m / Weight: 60 Kg
Hair: black(very dark) / Eyes: blue(bright, quite big) / Race : Human(Caucasian/Asian)


Str: 4
Spd: 6
Konsti: 4
Int: 5
Charisma: 6
Will: 6
Essence: 3.3


Pistols: 4
Cars: 3
Stealth: 4
Negotiation: 4
Hand-to-Hand: 2 (3)
> Pentcak Silat: 4
Computer: 3
Elektronics [B/R] (so... Boil and Roast?): 3


Street: 3
High Society: 4
Kon: 4
Orga Crime: 3

Security Measures: 3
Securitysystems: 3
Popculture of the 20th Century: 3
Professional Chess: 2

Datajack 0.2
Head Mem 150Mp 0.5
Earrecorder 0.3
Image Link 0.2
2x Smartlink II 0.8
Reaction Enhancement Lv II 0.6
Router 0.1
Aquirred while playing:

Synapsenbeschleuniger 0.4
Flashcompensation 0.2


Golden Tounge
Social Chameleon

Gremlins LV II
Extra Enemy Lv I


Morresy Alta [Pistol] 2 magazines a 12 Bullets
Walter P - 059 "Futura" [Pistol] 2 Magazines a 15 Bullets
Ingram Smartgun [MP] 3 Magazines
200 Rounds tandard ammo
2 Magazines for the Ingram with [APDS] ammp
2 Magazines for the Morresy Alta with [EX] ammp

1 Main Apartement, High Class, Northern end of Auburn... 8000 per month. 3 month in advance.

1 Hideout, Middle Class (on the lands of Touha Heavy Industries) 5000 per month. 4 month in advance.


Car - EMC Blitz II (Outdoor Van)
1x High society Clothes
3x Normal clothes (streetwear)
1x Armored Vest 3/4 (M/B
Pocket Secretary (Smartphone with futuristic Hologram desktop computer mode)
Binoculars (Low Light)

Collonel Mayfield Lv II
Ido Daisuke Lv III
Bishop Heidel Lv I


still later

..but if you're vomiting or evacuating rainbows, have trouble breathing, or feeling the urge to cuddle with the nearest creature available,
then you should consult your local moelogist..

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little dragon
little dragon

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PostSubject: Re: Meet the Runners - Characters   Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:12 am


I don't know if I should be glad that there is something I can complain about...

your damage is missing and I still don't know your enemy... ^^

PM me about your enemy..


Joy is in the ears that hear, not in the mouth that speaks.
~ Stephen Donaldson, aus Chronicles of Thomas Covenant ~
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Meet the Runners - Characters
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