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little dragon
little dragon

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PostSubject: Forum rules   Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:17 am

Hello everyone...

sadly, every Forum needs a few rules and stuff, so here they are:

not allowed are:

- Insults of every kind
- sexist or racistic propaganda and statements
- extremly violent/gory Images and descriptions
- Avatars or signatures witch go against copyright laws
- links to sexistic, racistic or other sources that go against copyright law
- no spam - ask the mods first

definitly allowed (and encouraged) are:

- politeness
- readiness to help others
- correct spelling and grammar
- saying hello and goodbye
- an active fantasy
- having your own oppinion
- constructive criticism
- questions if something is not clear to you

we offer you:

- Forum RPG with decent Game Masters
- exciting campains, created mostly by ourselfs
- YOU can become a GM!
- discuss your RPG and gaming stuff in general
- open minded Administrators and mods

we expect from you:

- that you are at least 16 or of a similar mindset
- activity
- that you respect the rules
- that you think about your posts before you post them

we have the right:

- to edit or delete posts, that are not according to the rules
- to delete users who disrespect the rules often without further warning

we wish you a good and peacfull time on Dark sun.

Askaya and Jenova

Joy is in the ears that hear, not in the mouth that speaks.
~ Stephen Donaldson, aus Chronicles of Thomas Covenant ~

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Forum rules
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